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Win free copies of the new book “Laravel Application Development Blueprints” [UPDATED]

It’s been a while since the last (well.. one and only) contest held on my blog.  Meanwhile, I’ve been a regular Packt’s customer, looking for books about many different topics (not only PHP). Yes, talking about PHP framewroks I’m mainly a CakePHP guy, but, as already said, I’m curious about other frameworks, Laravel being the first choice. The Giveaway So, all...


CakePHP, from intermediate to Uber in 24 days

Greatest. CakePHP. Series. Ever. Just in case you haven’t noticed yet, on CakepPHP’s Core Developer Jose Diaz Gonzales’ Blog, there is the CakeAdvent: from December 1st, one post each day, a great collection of advanced topics and tips.  At the moment of this writing, I suppose there are still 11 posts to go. If you use CakePHP, it’s a must read. If...


Books, books, books. And PHP frameworks

The world of php frameworks never stops. New frameworks arise, as well as new and (sometimes radically) different version of popular frameworks. I’ve always found good books a great asset when starting a project using a new framework; or improving the knowledge of a familiar one. While old school manuals are somewhat less needed today (as the pace of development...


Cakephp 2 simple bookmarklet helper

Just a basic helper that renders a “post it!” bookmarklet. (in brief, it’s the content of an old post, -well, two old posts– packaged as an helper) Let your users submit content from webpages – tell them to save the rendered link to their bookmars bar. And select some content on a webpage, then click the bookmarklet, to send that...


Cakephp 2.0 Address Finder Helper

I’m publishing as open source a simple -but hopefully useful- helper. It is based on, most of the credit goes to this script. The Helper encapsulates the client side functionality as an easy to use widget, allowing a cakephp developer to easily enhance a cakephp form with address autocomplete, geocoding, drag and drop reverse geocoding. Well, in human terms it’s...

Bookmarklets, a quick follow up 1

Bookmarklets, a quick follow up

Following my previous example, here is another version of the “grab a part of an external site’s page and save on my site with links to the original & page title” bookmarklet. Updated to: use an anonymous function to wrap it up select and submit the underlying html, not only simple text Most of the js code is from Tim...


Bookmarklets for everyone

Ah, those nice javascript snippets that let some external site interact with our applications. Being a bridge for complex features or some simple functions, i was surprised how easy it is to make one. I am almost always looking for new ways to give admins and writers easier and faster way to do their job, and give common users a...

Last chance to win a copy of “Cakephp 1.3 Application Development Cookbook” 0

Last chance to win a copy of “Cakephp 1.3 Application Development Cookbook”

Time is passing – and realizing that holding an online competition in the weekend isn’t the wisest thing to do -in the summer! at least in the boreal emisphere- the deadline is moved to monday, july 4t. Still holiday in the U. S… oh, well. Don’t hesistate, just read this post and leave a comment!   Tweet this post!


Win a copy of “CakePHP 1.3 Application Development Cookbook” (ebook) by Mariano Iglesias

As you can see from my review, I bought this book early, as soon as the raw version was available – and liked it. Now, 2 e-copies of the book (epub/pdf format) are kindly offered by Packt publishing. Love cake? Be the lucky winner! The rules are simple: just read the product page on Packt’s site, and leave a comment...