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Php baby class

After months of insightful observation and analysis, I’ve come up with this php baby simulator. //Beware the loop while($parents->still_love_each_other_enough()) { $newborn = new Baby; } (maybe I should refactor it using cakephp or at least the MVC pattern: I’d really love to have a BabiesController) Be careful: due to inherent hardware limitations, the constructor of the Baby class takes a...

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Back online.. or do not mix wordpress upgrade and fantastico

A few days ago.. After an update to wp 3.0.. bye bye homepage and admin panel. Who knows why. Couldn’t  login or reach wp-admin anymore (tried almost everything. Solutions suggested in forum, blog posts, official wordpress codex, tinkering with redirectrs and htaccess, checking folder/files permissions, disable plugins, upgrade form fantastico, new install form fantastico. Nothing worked.) I think my original...