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nettuts intro to bookmarklets 1

Cakephp 2 simple bookmarklet helper

Just a basic helper that renders a “post it!” bookmarklet. (in brief, it’s the content of an old post, -well, two old posts– packaged as an helper) Let your users submit content from webpages – tell them to save the rendered link to their bookmars bar. And select some content on a webpage, then click the bookmarklet, to send that...

Bookmarklets, a quick follow up 1

Bookmarklets, a quick follow up

Following my previous example, here is another version of the “grab a part of an external site’s page and save on my site with links to the original & page title” bookmarklet. Updated to: use an anonymous function to wrap it up select and submit the underlying html, not only simple text Most of the js code is from Tim...

nettuts intro to bookmarklets 2

Bookmarklets for everyone

Ah, those nice javascript snippets that let some external site interact with our applications. Being a bridge for complex features or some simple functions, i was surprised how easy it is to make one. I am almost always looking for new ways to give admins and writers easier and faster way to do their job, and give common users a...