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ORM Designer cakephp support in progress

As you can see the nice people at Inventic are working on cakephp support in ORM Designer. I must confess, I’m not an hard-core old type vim only developer. I like visual tools. While cake bake is great, an Entity Relationship Diagram (with ORM exporting) is really handy, specially with larger models / databases. It’s nice to work with something...


ORM Designer – an answer from Inventic and the route to beta cake support

Many thanks to František Tröster – from Inventic http://www.inventic.cz With his permission, parts of his answer to my previous post are published here, with my comments, as a follow-up. I appreciate the fast and detailed answer – it shows they really care about their product, and user feedback. I’m a little bit late for release 1.4.0, but hopefully some of...

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ORM Designer for cake model generation

I’m trying ORM Designer, so I’d like to share my impressions. (Yes, that’s only to get my 20% discount, of course.) I tried to design a simplified database structure, for prototyping a simple application – a cakephp side project i had in mind. The first impression was good: the interface is simple, easy to understand and smooth. Sketching the entity...