Listed on planet cakephp

The feed cakeph (english) of this blog is now listed on planet cakephp

Many thanks to Derik NG for accepting this blog and (more  important) for running the place.

Now it’s time to celebrate!

Uhm, no, it’s time to feed the feed.  Coming soon the last parts of the “cake fileborwser for ckeditor” series, and something else.

As I wrote in the request, Cake it’s the [blog’s] main subject – from the point of view of a part time developer for no-profit organizations. So, I hope something I write will be useful in showing how cake is not only a great tool in the hands of the masetrs who create cutting edge applications, but it can also empower a “rookie” and allow to overcome strict time and resources constraints and create something useful that probably would be out of reach otherwise in such contexts.