Wasn’t it obvious?

No. Not at first glance – not for me at least.

What am I talking about?

Of one of those ahah! moments – after minutes of cursing against the unknown.

Context: a cakephp application prototype. Test on production, with debug = 0.

It’s all ok and then.. I try to edit a record of some support model (something very simple, like a flat category list).

Blank page. What!? I know, it has to be something really stupid, like  a typo / sysntax error. Turn degug on. I should catch it immediately… no. It works. What the..?!

It works well with debug on, and gives a blank page with debug off, how come..

Take 5 minutes and guess your solution.

Done? If your solution is: I defined the $helper property in AppController with NO explicit declaration of Html and Form helper (they were included in other controllers, but not this) AND I set up the debug kit- which calls these helpers (so debug on =>  no missing helper, no error), preventing the “funcion on a non-object” error to show up, well, you know cake  – yes you do. Or, it happened to you before.