Win a copy of “CakePHP 1.3 Application Development Cookbook” (ebook) by Mariano Iglesias

As you can see from my review, I bought this book early, as soon as the raw version was available – and liked it.

Now, 2 e-copies of the book (epub/pdf format) are kindly offered by Packt publishing.
Love cake? Be the lucky winner!

The rules are simple: just read the product page on Packt’s site, and leave a comment to this post: name what (aspect / topic / feature) makes you want to own a copy of the book, and (optionally) why.
(Leave your email in the comment’s email field – will be kept private and used only to contact you if you win)
A lucky draw will select one winner from the (on topic) comments sent before sunday, july 3 – 22:00 (GMT+1).
The jury (me and myself) will select another winner for “the best reason” (or throw a dice and tell you he liked that reason).
I may exclude any comment from the competition for any reasonable reason (for example, if you are Mariano Iglesias 🙂 )

**UPDATE: the deadline is moved to monday, july 4th. Enjoy your weekend! **


  • carlo

    the best word imho is “GEOCODABLE” 🙂 because now one important thing (android docet) is geolocalization

  • Omar

    For me the model binding and the route handlers make a very solid start

  • stefano_ma

    wooops – should have been sunday, july 3 – corrected
    sorry for the mistake, maybe i’ll add some extra time

  • Torsten Mueller

    Internationalization is one key topic for me.

  • Routing. It’s like the uncut diamond of CakePHP. It’s a very powerfull feature, yet very few people knows about this feature.

  • Command line automated tasks and custom find operations.

  • The one and only reason that makes me want to own a copy is the quantities of recipes. Looking at how Mariano solved problems is a valuable experience.

  • Generally looking at how better coders than myself do stuff is of a great value. Especially now that I’ve been cooking with Cake for a long while and have a solid grasp on how it works – having little real programming background (studied sociology, programming as a profession just happened) makes me learn a lot just by looking at others’ code.

    I’ve seen some excerpts and really liked what I say.

    I hope it’s still July 4 at where you live 🙂

  • stefano_ma

    Yes it is 🙂

    getting ready for the lucky draw – results in a few hours

  • stefano_ma

    And the winners are…

    Paolo Gabrielli and Henrik Gemal.


    Check your email soon.

    Sorry for the others.. thank everyone for the comments. I really appreciate it.

  • The one and only purpose that creates me want to own a duplicate is the amounts of dishes. Looking at how Mariano fixed issues is a useful encounter.