Cakephp 2.0 Address Finder Helper

I’m publishing as open source a simple -but hopefully useful- helper.

It is based on, most of the credit goes to this script. The Helper encapsulates the client side functionality as an easy to use widget, allowing a cakephp developer to easily enhance a cakephp form with address autocomplete, geocoding, drag and drop reverse geocoding.
Well, in human terms it’s just an easy way for the user to find an address or a specific point on the map 🙂
See the original demo: (and try the drag and drop feature, if you haven’t yet, it’s really cool)

Of course, what to do with collected data is up to you. Probably the most common use is to add the widget to an add/edit form, and save the data to the database. Then, use something like Mark’s excellent Google Maps api v3 helper to display a nice map full of markers.
Or use it in a search form and display results by distance, using something like Rangeable Behaviour. AND display a nice map full of the nearest markers 🙂
At least, this is what I’ve done. You could be more creative.

I started using cakephp 2.x recently, and this is my first helper for the new version of the framework. So, suggestions are welcome!

Grab the code at github, see the readme for instructions.